Working long hours? Need extra help with your pup? 

We provide one-on-one dog walks in your neighborhood. Your dog will get the attention they crave and benefit from the physical exercise and mental stimulation of a walk.

We will reinforce your dogs training and manners (i.e. loose leash walking with clicker training, sitting before exiting the house, etc.) using positive reinforcement. 

Our walks always include fresh water and a feeding or treat based on your instructions. 





15 minute walk $15.00

Good for less active pups requiring a potty break and/or shorter walk. 

 30 minute walk $20.00

Great for those pups that enjoy a nice stroll and require a feeding

60 minute walk $35.00

Great option more energetic pups 

***All rates are based on one dog,
$5.00 per additional dog.***